[Koha] Problems with Koha mail notifications

Melia Meggs melia at bywatersolutions.com
Thu Oct 4 06:39:55 NZDT 2012


> The check in and check out email notifications are not sent out at all.

Patrons can choose whether they want to receive checkin or checkout emails.
 Have you checked to make sure that you have some patrons who have elected
to receive checkin/checkout emails in their messaging preferences?  If you
look at the patron record, under "Patron messaging preferences" the boxes
under "Email" and beside "Item checkout" and "Item checkin" need to be
checked there.

> The due reminder, overdue, and adcanced notice  notifications are sent;
> the fields are blank

What does your notice text look like?  If your notices use
<<items.content>> then you also need to set up the cron jobs accordingly.

Here is a post that might help you get the correct notice text:

And here is a link to the relevant section of the Koha manual:
You can find an example of correct overdue notice markup here.

If you go to Tools > Notices & Slips and copy/paste the message body of
your notice into this email, then we could help you correct it!



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