[Koha] Millenium to Koha Data Migration

Annalise Berdini annalise.berdini at gmail.com
Wed Oct 3 06:39:37 NZDT 2012


I work in a public library using III Millennium, software release 2011 1.2,
release date June 2012. We are part of a consortium using Millennium and as
such, we would need to contact the Millennium administrator in order to
obtain the data in the best format possible for transfer into the latest
version of Koha. I do have an old MARC dump from 4 years ago, available to
view on the Internet Archive, located here:
http://archive.org/details/CollingswoodLibraryMarcDump10-27-2008, which I
have been using to test out on a Koha demo. However, it was simply
formatted for storage purposes and as such is not in the optimal format for
transfer into Koha. Has anyone worked on a transfer from III Millennium to
Koha before, and if so, what are some suggestions for facilitating the data
migration? How should we have the Millennium administrator format the MARC
data in order to make for an easy transfer? Any help or advice would be
greatly appreciated.

Annalise Berdini
Collingswood Public Library

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