[Koha] apache bad user name

Marty ontariowolf64 at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 18 14:02:12 NZDT 2012

Installing on Debian 6 or Squeeze, downloaded tarball, that was the way I used to get it to work in the past. 

What seems to have happened is that I downloaded a Debian koha package and it seems I had some remains left over from that aborted trial. So I am trying to start over with a clean slate now. 

Just trying to get 3.07.08 running on a desktop like it is running on my laptop, and that was also installed from a tarball...

Thanks for all your help y'all!

 From: Robin Sheat <robin at catalyst.net.nz>
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Subject: Re: [Koha] apache bad user name
Marty schreef op ma 17-12-2012 om 14:04 [-0800]:
> After only doing usually very smooth upgrades for quite a while I had
> to do a fresh install of Koha. To be honest, it hasn't gotten any
> easier over time.

What method did you install with? packages, git, tarball?

Sounds like tarball or git as the packages will sort the dependencies
and apache configuration for you.

> at "sudo apache2ctl restart" which returns "apache2: bad user name
> ccclibrary-koha

> and change it to this:
> User www-data
> Group www-data 

Do you have a user/group on your system called 'www-data'?

Also, if it already said that, where is ccclibrary-koha coming from?
Have you looked through the rest of your apache configuration to find

What OS are you installing on? What Koha version are you attempting to

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