[Koha] Apache bad username

Nguyen Quoc Uy nguyenquocuy_1102 at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 18 12:25:17 NZDT 2012

What OS are you using? Debian or centos...? I think your problem is because of wrong configuration apache before. You should remove apache and all its configurations then install a fresh apache2. 
If u are using debian, ubuntu, you can check for koha packages install on ubuntu, it's an easies way, i think. Here is some command if u can't reinstall your Os.

$ Sudo apt-get remove  - -purge apache2 apache2.2-common
This will remove all configurations file, maybe remove koha , and mail server. Be warning about this.
Next $ sudo apt-get autoremove
This clear all another dependence program and their config files.

Next try reinstall apache again. Hope this help! And should not install as root, just add user and give him full admin privileges. But even with root, it should work!

Best regards!
Nguyen Quoc Uy

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