[Koha] Record matching for biblios without ISBN or ISSN

Linda Culberson lculber at mdah.state.ms.us
Tue Nov 1 08:35:51 NZDT 2011

What version of Koha are you using?  You might want to look at bug 6113
It worked for us on 3.4

On 1:59 PM, Elaine Bradtke wrote:
> Ours is a rather quirky collection, I know.  But an awful lot of it
> doesn't have an ISBN or ISSN (1364 biblios in a collection of 1664
> fall into this category). I am working on a project to batch change
> all the biblios in a particular collection. Selecting them,
> downloading them, and editing the MARC records was easy.  Now I would
> like to upload them and overwrite the old records.  This only seems
> possible for the 300 biblios with an ISBN.
> We have unique internal control numbers (001).  Is there any way I can
> match the records with this field instead?
> If not, what are my other options?

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