[Koha] newbie: items from Follet export

Nigel Barker tech at hiroshima-is.ac.jp
Thu Jun 30 14:41:26 NZST 2011

Dear All,

I am the IT teacher at a very small school. For several years we have
been running debian-edu/skolelinux on our servers and workstations. So
when the librarian (who is a part-time volunteer and doesn't know
anything about library systems) told me the ageing Follet system would
no longer allow her to add books, I naturally turned to Koha. I have a
test instance  running, and I can bulkmarcimport.pl the marc records
exported from Follet.

So here is my question:
Although the marc export from Follet had the "include copy info" box
checked, and I can see the barcodes in the microlif.001 file, the
catalogue on Koha has no items available for any record, and there are
no barcodes showing.
I am hoping someone with Follet migration experience will know what I
have to do.

Hiroshima International School

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