[Koha] CFParticipation: SIP 3 draft up for voting

MJ Ray mjr at phonecoop.coop
Thu Jun 30 07:13:47 NZST 2011

Greg Barniskis asked:
> On 6/28/2011 7:22 AM, MJ Ray wrote:
> > As you may know, Galen and myself were invited to discuss the SIP 3
> > draft that 3M are preparing.
> On the one hand, it is really very nice that open source developers are 
> being invited by 3M into this process (ditto for you inviting us in as 
> well, to the extent that you're allowed to). ++ all around.
> On the other hand, I am wondering why effort on 3M SIP would be more 
> valuable in the long term than comparable effort on the continued 
> evolution (and adoption) of NCIP?
> I've read the March 2010 press release from 3M about the SIP 3 
> development process, and was a bit surprised to see that it gives a 
> small nod to "ISO standards" but doesn't even mention NCIP. Is the NCIP 
> development process broken?

Others have suggested that SIP is much more widespread than NCIP.
That's been the co-op's experience too.

Personally, I don't much care which US corporation develops standards.
I care more about how they do it.  3M have invited us in.  NISO have
not.  It's not clear to me whether NCIP's process allows anyone who's
not a NISO member to participate (I've read the NISO Procedures cited
on ncip.info and I still don't know - I'm often a bit thick when it
comes to bureaucracy) and there doesn't appear to be a membership
class for non-library co-ops (even OCLC seems to have joined as a
"large non-profit" rather than a group of libraries).  While I'm not
wild about SIP's by-invitation process, it'd be better than

To me, the killer thing is the copyright permission notices: although
we're not allowed to develop SIP independently of 3M (boo!), we are
expressly permitted to implement it.  NCIP's notice is the usual
"prior permission in writing" stupidity - anyone know if someone
writing the NCIP code (is that from Evergreen?) actually had that, or
if there's some other permission notice I've overlooked?  But that's
an abyss I'm not going to look into very soon.

Hope that helps,
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