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R Sunil Kumar sunil.kumar at ecoleglobal.com
Tue Jun 28 00:41:41 NZST 2011

Dear Bob, 

There are fields which are changing in each bib records like barcode number,
prices, shelf location (for many book shelf location is different). Do I
have to mentioned each value in column. Attached is the MARC specification

Thanks and Regards

R Sunil Kumar
Library Technologist

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On 27/06/11 21:04, R Sunil Kumar wrote:
> Dear All,
> During migration all data is successfully migrated MARC Tag from 020$ to
> but all errors.
> 942$c	(BK- defined in the Item type - Basic Parameter - Administration)
> 952$a	(OSL - Defined in the Library, Branches, Group - Basic Parameter -
> Administration)
> 952$b	(OSL - Defined in the Library, Branches, Group - Basic Parameter -
> Administration)
> 952$c	(Primary, Secondary, Senior, UK - Defined in the Authorized Values -
> created a new one with LOC and defined all the lists mentioned)
> 952$d	(Receipt Date)
> 952$g	(Price of the book item)
> 952$p	(Barcode number starting from Lib0000006562...)
> 952$t	(copy number 6562...)
> 952$y	(BK - Koha Item Type)
> 952$8 (Arts, English, General, etc.... all are defined in the Authorized
> Values - created a new one with CCODE and defined)
> Please note that following items 952$p and 952$t is required but 952$p is
> for circulation only whereas 952$t is for library patron.
> Issue:
> When I migrate the database, the system is taking multiple copies (for[
> example 5 copies or 7 copies) and all the details mentioned above is
> individually appearing in each copy.
> Please help on the same.
> Thanks and Regards
Please reply to the list.  Then others can also help you, and others may 
learn from your experience.

Because you have nine 952 tags, Koha thinks you have 9 items attached to 
each bib.  Instead, arrange a single 952 like this:
952$a[Value]$b[Value]$c[Value]$p... and so on.  (Don't put brackets [] 
in your data: replace [Value] in each sub-field with the appropriate value.)

I hope that helps,
Bob Birchall
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