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G. Laws glawson at rhcl.org
Wed Jun 8 09:41:26 NZST 2011

Hi Tim, and welcome to the Koha community.

In a slightly different order than your questions below:

1. Yes, I would recommend Koha 3.4, and it's completely appropriate for
a small school library. Version 3.2 is still supported, but 3.4 is much
improved and it's pointless to start with an older version, do the work
to configure it, then decide, probably quite quickly, to upgrade to 3.4.

2. Z39.50 commonly uses port 210, TCP, but apparently UDP is part of the
spec.  Here's a quick link I found:
It's actually interesting to watch Wireshark while the computer is doing
a Z39.50 search--you'll see the TCP connections.

3. Koha vs "Liblime" Koha (Harley) . That's a political decision, but
clearly the Koha community promotes what we see as the "real" Koha, the
best source of information for which is:


Only a couple of people on the IRC chat or the Koha mailing list will be
able to help you much with the Liblime version; we are enthusiastic
supporters of "community" Koha. I think it's relatively safe to say that
Koha is under much more active development by a wider group of people
than Liblime's ILS. Don't be misled by the version numbers for each;
they are not comparative.

4. I don't know much about using Active Directory with Koha, but someone
else might respond to that. If not, wait a while and ask again; I know
some work has been done with LDAP as recently as v3.2 to address some

5. Your questions are welcome!

If you don't mind, would you care to share the name of your school
and/or your location in the UK? We all like to know where Koha is being
used. :)


On 06/07/2011 09:30 AM, Tim Bateson wrote:
> Hi All,
> I am a new Koha user, looking to get Koha 3.4 installed and integrated
> with Active Directory for client access for a UK secondary school.
> I have got Koha 3.4 installed and running on a Debian squeeze server.
> Is version 3.4 the best version to use for a new install in a
> relatively small school library?
> We are behind a managed firewall so asked for relevant z39.50 ports to
> be opened. Can anyone confirm if z39.50 uses udp or tcp (or both)?
> I am also a little confused by whether I should have used the Koha
> community or Liblime versions. I chose the community version as I am
> trying to promote the use of open source in our school. Can anyone
> point me to what the differences are between the community and Liblime
> versions?
> In relation to LDAP integration for Active Directory is there any
> documentation for how this can be done for version 3.4 I have found
> some threads on the mailing list, but not found a definitive source
> for how to do this.
> Sorry for all the questions :)
> Tim
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