[Koha] Can't Switch Language ( same problem )

Magnus Enger magnus at enger.priv.no
Wed Jun 8 02:49:34 NZST 2011

2011/6/7 John Smith <smith_me at live.com>:
> l'm facing same problem  in that V. 3.4.1 , i can't switch between language
> , any help

Hi John!

What languages are you trying to switch between? Have you enabled them
with the "language" and "opaclanguages" system preferences?
Can you see the language switcher, e.g. at the bottom of the OPAC
pages? Have you enabled the language switcher with the
"opaclanguagesdisplay" system preference?
Can you swith between the languages on other OPACs, e.g.: http://demo.bibkat.no/

Best regards,
Magnus Enger

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