[Koha] Item type icons display problem in OPAC

Vikas Kumar vikas.kumar at libsoul.com
Mon Sep 20 19:17:02 NZST 2010

Hi All,

First I would thank you all for your inputs.

We are running Koha version We have also enabled
XSLTDetailsDisplay and XSLTResultsDisplay, thus item type with icons can be
displayed in OPAC search results. We are also entering the required data in
leader (MARC Field 000).

Now, it seems that, type icons are prefixed. like in search result page
there can be only below types for icons.

Mixed Materials
Computer File
Visual Material

On the other hand, We have also defined some custom types in administration
module . like Reports, Project Documents, etc.. which appears on "place
hold" page.

Is there any way we can display these icons ( appearing on "place hold" page
) on OPAC Search Result page ?? Click
see the attachment.

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