[Koha] LibLime responses to some of yesterdays postings

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I don't know much, but I know how to stick some bare bones text into a




Please, please, please have at it.




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2010/9/16 Jared Camins-Esakov <jcamins at cpbibliography.com>

I think it would be great if PTFS/LL put together a memo suggesting ways
to move forward either with the 501(c)3(?) Koha foundation that already
exists or with a new one  if necessary.  


That said, I hope that should PTFS/LL agree to put together a memo, the
community accepts their proposal in good faith. Since the reaction to
most of their attempts to contribute have often been met with suspicion
and anger, I can imagine they are reluctant to put themselves out there
again.  No one has to go along with the proposal if they think it is
self-serving, but it would be good if we all agreed to consider the
PTFS/LL proposal/memo along with any other
good/bad/hare-brained/brilliant ideas that people are willing to write


Lori Ayre


	Since LibLime seems to have a clear idea of what they would like
to see for the Koha community (wrt a foundation), could I request that
you (Amy DeGroff, Patrick Jones, John Yokley, or another, on behalf of
LibLime) summarize your suggestions on the wiki so that people like me
can understand the issues that you see? Anywhere on the wiki would be
helpful, but I suggest adding it to the wiki under
http://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Category:Koha_Foundation since that
seems to me a logical place to put this discussion.


	I look forward to a fruitful discussion on the future of Koha-
the sooner we can put conflict behind us, the sooner we can go back to
what we do best (in my case, bibliography).



	Jared Camins-Esakov


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