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Le 16/09/2010 15:34, ed c a écrit :
> I agree with everything Jim says bellow, but especially the personally
> hostile attacks. I may not agree with everything all the parties
> involved have done, but continually attacking people and
> organizations, esp. when they have just reached out, isn't going to
> lead to them having better relations with your portion of the
> community. As they say, you can catch more flies with honey than with
> vinegar.
The question being that we have a long -and not really a honey-moon
type- history with LL and PTFS.

So oldtimers (like me) are very careful when reading "such good news".

Just for everybody information : LibLime[1] has already created a "Koha
Software Foundation" in Ohio. It has never been publicly announced, but
someone pointed us the link to the registration.
Go here :

search for "Koha" as "business name", clic on "business filling info",
and you've got it.

[1] the "original" LibLime, not the "PTFS/LibLime" company

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