[Koha] cart problem - solution

Stacy Pober stacy.pober at manhattan.edu
Thu Sep 9 00:30:55 NZST 2010

Katrin Fischer, from the open-source world Koha list was kind enough
to take a look at our javascript and suggest a fix for the problem.

The problem was caused by a syntax issue with the opacuserjs.  There
was no javascript directly referencing the cart, but there was a
syntax error that effectively kept the javascript from running
properly.  Once that was fixed, the cart displayed again.

That javascript was written by someone at LibLime about a year ago,
when we had the cart option turned off, and by chance, the syntax
error did not seem to cause any other problems so it went unnoticed.

In any case,  it's fixed now and I thank all of the people from the
open source Koha community who were kind enough to offer help and

Stacy Pober
Information Alchemist
Manhattan College Library
Riverdale, NY 10471
stacy.pober at manhattan.edu

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