[Koha] Editing Marc Subfields

Beda Szukics beda at muri-gries.ch
Tue Sep 29 06:01:15 NZDT 2009

Roche III, Edward schrieb: 

> It was brought to my attention this morning that if you try and manually
> enter a Marc record that certain subfields are grayed out. These fields
> have a link next to them to do a search but when you search it returns
> "no records found". Is there a setting somewhere for this to work or is
> there a way to manually enter this data? If you do an import from say
> Library of Congress it imports the data fine.

You have to enter the corresponding authority records first or - that might 
be easier for you - turn of the linking between bibliographic and authority 
record (that is done in the marc structure definition). 

greetings              Beda

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