[Koha] Koha for Windows install question

Chris Cormack chris at bigballofwax.co.nz
Wed Sep 23 09:06:42 NZST 2009

Hi Christopher

2009/9/22 Christopher Brown-Syed PhD <chris2 at valinor.ca>:
> Greetings,
> I have been off this list for at least 3 years, so pardon me if this
> is a FAQ, or not right for this list.
Long time no talk, good to see you back.

> I need to install Koha on a Win32 platform for teaching purposes. The
> installer (Koha2.2.9-W32-R1.exe) works fine, until the script reaches
> the "unpacking MARC Charset 0.92" line, then hangs.
> Being no longer a "Windows person", I'm at a loss here...
> (The version of perl installed is ActivePerl-,
> and I note that MARC Charset 1.1 is what's currently available via
> CPAN.... )
Would it be possible to use the VMware image instead? Or maybe the Koha live CD?

The windows version is so old and out of date, and lacking in so many
features its probably not worth the effort getting it going


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