[Koha] Koha for Windows install question

Christopher Brown-Syed PhD chris2 at valinor.ca
Tue Sep 22 06:05:12 NZST 2009


I have been off this list for at least 3 years, so pardon me if this  
is a FAQ, or not right for this list.

I need to install Koha on a Win32 platform for teaching purposes. The  
installer (Koha2.2.9-W32-R1.exe) works fine, until the script reaches  
the "unpacking MARC Charset 0.92" line, then hangs.

Being no longer a "Windows person", I'm at a loss here...

(The version of perl installed is ActivePerl-,  
and I note that MARC Charset 1.1 is what's currently available via  
CPAN.... )

Chris Brown-Syed
cbrownsyed at cogeco.ca

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