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To me, it seems like the hardest part of the regex replacement is dealing with M/D/YYYY v. MM/DD/YYYY (and I assume that M/DD and MM/D are also possible?).  Running multiple replacements may be the way to go:

1.  s/d(\d[1,2])\/(\d[1,2])\/(\d[4])/$3-$1-$2/  # puts the year, month and day in the right order

2.  s/\b(\d)\b/0$1/g   # replaces single digit M or D with zero-padded MM or DD

My tests indicate this works for MM/DD, M/D, MM/D, and M/DD variations.

There may be a more elegant way to do this, perhaps even on a single line, but I think that line would be nigh on unreadable.  Handling the if/then conditional implicit in the zero-padding seems to require two lines worth of logic...

Hope this helps!

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Happy rainy morning from Georgia

I'm working on my full database conversion and most of it has been  
pretty straight forward however I have 2 nagging questions.

1)  Where have those who have migrated unicorn data translated the  
Item Category 1 and 2 subfields from the Sirsi 999 field to the Koha  

2)  I'm having a problem with dates Sirsi stores them in the 999 as  
dMM/DD/YYYY or sometimes dM/D/YYYY.  The "d" is just a prefix.  I can  
select them with my limited Regex skill but I haven't been able to  
figure out how to convert them to YYYY-MM-DD.

I'm being pretty methodical about documenting my steps for data  
conversion with the hope that it will be helpful to others.

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