[Koha] 21 day loan help

scott scott at sedc.k12.ut.us
Tue Sep 22 08:49:16 NZST 2009

This has started on one of our servers, no matter what it defaults to 21
days. If i create rules to have a certain item type only be allowed 3
days loan, its still 21 days. We recently moved our server where one is
running apache and the other is running the database and for some reason
this instance is not working correctly. 

Anyone have suggestions?

I am thinking of just doing a update with the latest to see if it fixes
it. I am not sure how its coded in the system but I am assuming that the
21 is hard coded in the script and it just checks to see if there is any
fine/loan entries in the database and to use them if they are there.



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