[Koha] SMTP settings for Koha box

Tomás tomascohen at gmail.com
Fri Sep 18 09:46:34 NZST 2009

2009/7/17 ISM KIS <Ism at kis.in>:
> I'm using Koha on Suse 11.1 box
> How to I setup Koha (or Suse Linux) to use our main Mail server
> (GroupWise) to send out all generated mails ?
> I don't see any settings in Koha System Preferences

Koha itself uses Mail::Sendmail for this task. This Perl library can
be used and configured in runtime. Koha does not provide a way for
doing this, so it uses a 'default' configuration, wich expects you
have a mail server listening on port 25 on localhost (i.e. the same
machine that hosts koha).

So, until we have a proper way for setting this through Koha System
Preferences you have to edit the file
/usr/share/perl5/Mail/Sendmail.pm and change the line that contains:

'smtp'    => [ qw( localhost ) ],

so it looks like

'smtp'    => [ qw( my.smtp.server ) ],

... And that's it.


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