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BWS Johnson mhelman at illinoisalumni.org
Wed Sep 16 23:07:20 NZST 2009


Welcome to the community :D 

>I'm a new subscriber to the list and just wanted to introduce myself
before asking for help (I sort of doubt that I'll be able to offer much,
but who knows). 

You'd be surprised. These things tend to bite you and burrow deep so
that eventually you're giving back.

My names is Patrick Redmon and I'm working as a 
>librarian in a small, specialized library (circa 10,000 volumes) for
the work Hans Urs von Balthasar, Henri 

That's about the size of my old collection, and it's no small task to
automate, even if it's smaller than a large academic Library.

>de Lubac, Adrienne von Speyr, and Joseph Ratzinger. The library is in
Rome, Italy, and is open to 
>researchers and students. After years of having a home-brewed catalogue
in a program called File Maker 
>Pro, and after about a year of work, we recently (for the most part)
finished a migration to Koha 3 running 
>on a Debian. For the moment our catalogue is only available on our
internal network, but we're interested 
>in the possibility of making it available on the internet. Thanks in
advance to all, and have a good day.

I bet that this will work much better for you than File Maker Pro ;)

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