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Andrew Buxton recently wrote about this on the list:

"Regarding 3, I don't yet know Koha well enough to say what editing is possible there.  But when exporting from Winisis
you can use a Field Select Table to move data from one field (or subfield) to another.  For example, to move the contents of field 100 to 700 you would have a line:

700 0 (v100/)

(The brackets and slash will take care of the fact that v100 is a repeatable field.)  Modification during exporting is covered in the CDS/ISIS for Windows Handbook, section 10.7.  

There is also the very useful "Swiss Knife" tool for Winisis that allows you to do some clever editing of the Winisis database before exporting.
Otherwise I have used the free MarcEdit tool which can take a CDS ISIS ISO format file and convert to flat text.  From there you can either use MarcEdit or your favourite programming language to manipulate the MARC tags and use MarcEdit to reconvert back to ISO 2709 for loading into Koha.

Not quite what you were asking for, but a number of valid options...

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  Hi all!

  We are currently looking into importing our ISIS dataset into koha. However, the ISIS database was designed using non-standard conventions fo the MARC21 fields, so we need a "conversion" first.

  I found out that Koha supports exporting the data into custom MARC formats, ist this also supported for importing (so e.g. can I create a definition of my format and import then directly into Koha)?


  Thanks for any answers,



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