[Koha] one URI or URL for each ITEM?

Gorgie R. s.rh.j at hotmail.com
Fri Sep 11 03:05:11 NZST 2009

Hi Folks,


I saw in the Chicago University Lens Opac (Aquabrowser interface instead Horizon Opac) that they put an URL to each
Bibliographic record.


Something like this:

URL for this record: http://lens.lib.uchicago.edu/?itemid=|library/marc/uc|4848480


The 4848480 is the Bibliographic record number or
system control number.


I think that they tray to offer a kind of PURL.


In Koha ILS when you add an ITEM the point “u” ask for
an URI, could you tell me what is the idea with this functionality? An which is
the structure of this uri?


In a new Horizon ILS version for adding an ITEM they
ask for an URL of the item too. I have the same question.


Could you help me to understand these futures?


Thanks in advance



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