[Koha] installing Koha 3, bulk marc import v. staged

Amy Schuler schulera at caryinstitute.org
Thu Sep 10 04:35:14 NZST 2009

I have installed Koha 3.0 and am close to importing my MARC records into the database.  My question is this:  somewhere I have read that it is recommended that for the initial big import, one should use the Bulk Marc Import tool (which I believe is a command line thing) rather than the staging MARC records.  During my trial run, I had used the staging & importing tools rather than the bulk marc import.  Is there a very compelling reason to use the bulk?  During my trial run it turns out that I did not populate the database, but that was because I messed up some of the system parameters - not because of any issue with the staging & importing tools.

I would rather not use the bulk marc import, if avoidable, because it is more techy than the staging & importing.  I have less than 10,000 records to import.  Let me know if you need more information.

And PLEASE, if you are affiliated with a company trawling this list for potential clients, do not contact me!  I will not return your phone calls or e-mails.  If I need paid support, I will hire LibLime, whose employees have the decency not to harass me whenever I post a question to this list (thanks, LibLime).


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