[Koha] Amazon content

Chris Morrison cmm1005 at gmail.com
Sat Sep 5 02:08:51 NZST 2009

Hey guys,

Quick question. We have all the Amazon info turned on (AWS Key and ID tag in
place, etc.). We are pulling jackets, but no content. The Amazon reviews tab
isn't even showing up in the OPAC.

My first thought is that we might be configured to download content to the
server and distribute as requested (see Ferraro's comments
but I don't know how to check that or how to change it to downloading info
per request. Or maybe that isn't the problem at all!

List of options on: AmazonAssocTag, AmazonContent, AmazonSimiliarItems,
AWSAccessKeyID, OPACAmazonContent, and OPACAmazonSimilarItems.

FYI, we're running Koha with Zebra 2.0.41.

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