[Koha] [Koha-devel] version 3.0.4 on download.koha.org

LAURENT Henri-Damien henridamien.laurent at biblibre.com
Thu Oct 29 11:40:29 NZDT 2009

MJ Ray a écrit :
>> Also, Chris Cormack asked about changing the homepage to link to
>> 3.00.04, but so far we haven't heard from HDL about his intentions to
>> roll 3.00.05 to fix the previous issues with 3.00.04 and
>> 3.00.04_final, and to provide a single download point for this
>> release. To avoid further user confusion I suggest we await his
>> comments on that.
> OK - HDL?  (And had anyone asked you before this?)
Well, noone asked me to update the home page, and as far as koha.org is 
concerned, and I **cannot** (don't have permissions on page to) do that.
About download.koha.org, and the numbering, I was really very recently
 asked to increase the number rather than add a tag after the name. And 
I agree with that. But the fact is that since the release still counted 
a few problems owed to the complexity of the conflicts management and 
modules and scripts and templates we use, with all the bug fix patches 
in a really short amount of time, and testing those changes on a wide 
variety of system preferences. And those problems required a fix.
I would have rather keep the name of the initial release and change the 
tag position in the tree, and replace the release tarball with the fixed 
one. Since I would not want a non stable version to be kept in history. 
The quicker the fixed version would have been up, the better it would 
have been. But the right I have on tags is limited. And I had been once 
suggested to post-fix the release  number with some comment. And the 
access on download.koha.org I had was limited since I could only upload 
the version on a private place on the server and Liblime had to move the 
files uploaded into public directory. And that access has even been 
closed just after the first 3.00.04 release.

If you ask about 3.00.05, I propose to set one quite soon in order to 
stick to the principle release early, release often. Better a release 
which counts a few patches, which work than a release which counts lots 
and does have some problems.

But for now, the 3.00.04_final is the latest stable release and it would 
be nice if koha.org pointed to that.
Henri-Damien LAURENT
Release Maintainer

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