[Koha] How to delete a record after entering a rare unicode character

Marc Nürnberger marc.nuernberger at gmx.de
Fri Oct 23 23:08:00 NZDT 2009

Dear Frédéric,

Thank you very much for the quick fix. It worked just fine!

Is there a way to predict, which unicode character will break the code?


Frederic Demians schrieb:
>> On koha 3.0.3 we edited a title of a record, inserting the following 
>> unicode charachter 𡼱 [it's a rare Chinese character][Decimal: 139057; 
>> UTF-8: F0 A1 BC B1] from unicode.org. In the input field it looked 
>> just fine. But after saving the record, we got a fatal error message 
>> and the record became inaccesible. Under the old title it is still
>> searchable (intranet and OPAC), but if you follow the respective 
>> links, you get invariably the following error messages:
> I can confirm this bug. This character break marcxml biblioitems table 
> field: field content stops a this character and so XML marc document 
> can't be parsed anymore.
>> And last but not least, how can I delete or access the compromised 
>> record again?
> It's not possible to recreate by hand such a corrupted xml marc record. 
> You have to delete the record identified by its biblionumber in your 
>    DELETE FROM biblio WHERE biblionumber=x
>    DELETE FROM biblioitems WHERE biblionumber=x
>    DELETE FROM items WHERE biblionumber=x
> And then rebuild zebra indexes : rebuild_zebra -r -b
> -- 
> Frédéric

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