[Koha] Koha Manual in Git

Frederic Demians frederic at tamil.fr
Tue Oct 20 04:08:10 NZDT 2009

> Because that was what was asked of me by those who work in other 
> languages :) No clue why I'm using it - I just do whatever I have to 
> to make things accessible to all.

Speaking accessibility... This documentation:


is written with asciidoc. An html version is generated (the above link). 
But a PDF version can also be created from the same source files.

The source files are managed/versioned with git, and translations are 
done from the English authoritative version:


So it seems very possible to maintain a multilingual documentation with 
this technique.

Now, it's only time to hope DocBook will do the job for Koha 
documentation without too much overhead, even if my experience says me 
the contrary.


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