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Thomas Dukleth kohalist at agogme.com
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On Tue, October 13, 2009 15:47, Chris Nighswonger wrote:


> Furthermore, afaict, there is no general consensus emerging in favor of
> the
> "debate the ballot" subject.

There is actually no clear consensus either way.  Some have been opposed. 
Some have expressed that there should be no reason to object.

Unfortunately, some who's answers might be interpreted as objecting were
actually responding to a different issue.  This is my very point that
ensuring clear understanding of questions is important.

In the time I have spent asking for time, I could at least have
articulated my own thoughts at this point of specific question and option
wording.  I would need through Friday this week to present and offer
revisions of my own suggested text.  [I am neglecting other promises at
this moment.]  Surely people would give me and others interested even that

There is a technical point about how we could end up with a choice to
which the absolute majority is opposed.  I believe that MJ Ray has
experience with this problem but I do not know if he has considered the
particular circumstances for how this issue may be likely to arise if not
specifically addressed in the next ballot.

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