[Koha] Koha demo links on koha.org

Thomas Dukleth kohalist at agogme.com
Fri Oct 9 15:51:58 NZDT 2009

I now have a corrected understanding of Nicole's position.  However much
better it would be to have only community versions of Koha demonstrations
linked from the community website, I would rather we not advocate purity
in a manner that LibLime is liable to respond to in the most negative

At this time, I prefer that we ask LibLime to demote their non-community
demonstrations as linked from the community website in favour of community
demonstrations with no subtle advertising.  I prefer a gentler approach to
LibLime than asking them to eliminate links to their demonstrations.  In
suggesting this approach, I am hoping that we would be encouraging LibLime
to act more favourably towards the community which I hope that they would

I am advocating this less than pure approach for the time being to see if
it may have a favourable effect.

Thomas Dukleth
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On Fri, October 9, 2009 02:04, Nicole Engard wrote:
> Thomas, you misunderstood me.  I wasn't saying not to remove the links
> to version of Koha that not everyone can have access to - I was saying
> - don't leave the demos section blank - make sure we find a genuine
> Koha demo to replace them with.  Vendors with their own versions of
> Koha can have those demos on their own sites, but they don't belong on
> koha.org.


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