[Koha] Zebra indexing aborts with "Bad magic of `gmatch'"

Marc Nürnberger marc.nuernberger at gmx.de
Mon May 11 21:58:41 NZST 2009

Dear All,

Thank you for your help with the MARC-import failures.

In case anyone is experiencing trouble with large MARC-import-files 
that do not complete after staging: our faulty MARC records were 
hiding between 20 to 50 records after the last record successfully 

Having mastered the import, the zebra indexing fails with the 
following message and no records can be searched:

09:28:14-11/05 zebraidx(13250) [warn] Bad magic of `gmatch'
09:28:14-11/05 zebraidx(13250) [fatal] Node node_zebra missing
09:28:14-11/05 zebraidx(13250) [warn] Cannot obtain EXPLAIN information
09:28:14-11/05 zebraidx(13250) [fatal] zebra_begin_trans: cannot open 

Any hints how to deal with this error message would be warmly appreciated.

Best regards,

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