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sounds like crap to me... liblime is a persons company trying to   take  
ownership of koha logos?  I am sure the one with the slice of  lime is  
theirs....but  do not believe they are entitled to   rights on any thing that came 
as a result of the  opensource project
  gosh is there a Fascist amongst us?

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jransom at library.org.nz writes:

Can  someone please help me understand what this statement at the bottom 
of the  new Koha website means for the Koha community:

"The Koha -- Open Source  Library System is © 1999-2009 by LibLime & the 
Koha Development  Team

Koha^® and the Koha logo are trademarks or registered trademarks  of 
LibLime <http://new.koha.org/liblime.com> and BibLibre  
<http://biblibre.com> in the United States, France and other  countries. 
Distributed under the GNU GPL license  



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