[Koha] speeding things up--barcoding our collection

doybia at gmavt.net doybia at gmavt.net
Wed Feb 4 10:44:09 NZDT 2009

At long last my library is starting to barcode our collection.

A little background:
Most of the catalog already consists of marc records in the state union
catalog. The Dept. of Libraries has kindly loaded these records on a disk
and sent them off to be loaded into Koha.

Our collection is not barcoded (we are still a manual circulation library)
and our task is to stick a barcode in every book and link that barcode to
the record. We will also be tossing records that don't match any physical
objects and adding records for items that need one.

The problem:
I'm trying to think of a way to avoid having to do a search to bring up
each record. We'll be adding the majority of the records in shelf-list
order and it would save a lot of time to be able to work in a table in the
same order. Scan in the barcode, add the call number info, take care of a
couple of other details, save the record.

Has anyone else faced this problem? What solutions have you found?

Warren Public Library
Warren, VT


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