[Koha] z39.50 searching - Permanent system error

MJ Ray mjr at phonecoop.coop
Thu Sep 11 21:33:56 NZST 2008

"Max Crowe" <newdurhamlibrary at gmail.com> wrote:
> 1: Permanent system error: Permanent system error: Bib-1
> I don't know that this is a bug, really, but I'm trying to figure out
> exactly what is happening.  Question one:  what does this error actually
> mean?

It means there's some permanent error in the system when getting that

> It seems to occur consistently for certain searches (ISBN-13
> 978-1-59722-733-9, for example gives me the error for both Aurora and the
> NYP consistently) while other searches can run through the same servers
> without a hitch.  Is the "system" error my system, or theirs?

I think it's theirs.

> Or is there some sort of compatibility issue?


> Two:  beyond figuring out what's
> happening, I ideally would love to be able use z39.50 with these systems--
> are other libraries able to accomplish this?

Yes.  I can't get that result either, but I can find 0062715275 for
example.  I had a few problems working nypl.org from the yaz-client
command-line: features not supported and that sort of thing.

> Anyone else experienced this issue?  There seem to be lots of servers that
> yield this error message-- I just listed these two as an example.
> (Incidentially, I'm using Koha

Hope the above helps,
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