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Linda Roholt lroholt at utah.gov
Thu Jan 24 11:24:36 NZDT 2008

In setting up the parameters area, we've encountered the following issues:
1- In the Item Types section the screen only displays the first 20 or so - I would like to edit some entries as "not for loan" yet I'm not able to access them.  What other options are there?  The full list of item types show up in the issuing rules area however.
2- If you list an Item Type as yes in the not for loan area how do you set up that same item type in the issuing rules area  - it seems illogical to have to give issuing/circulation rules for an item type you set as not for loan.  It would make sense to keep the item types blank if they do not circulate, but If you leave the issue and fine are blank there is a hard coded default of 21,5, right?
3- The biblio framework section (marc structure) - Is there a download that would create this section?  Our IT team created tables in this section but when we try to edit this area we are not able to add any tags or fields and it bumps back to the first screen in this section.  The 2.2 users guide alludes to a download "When Koha was installed, the installer had the option of downloading either a MARC 21 or a UNIMARC "database" (or no MARC database at all). If this was done, you now have a database table containing most of the MARC tags and subfields ..."  Where is this download located? 
Thanks in advance,
Linda Roholt
Utah State Library Division
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Phone (801)715-6754
1-800-662-9150 (in Utah)
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