[Koha] Issuing Rules entry tips needed (parameters)

MJ Ray mjr at phonecoop.coop
Sat Jan 5 00:55:49 NZDT 2008

"BWS Johnson" <mhelman at illinoisalumni.org> wrote:
> > http://www.bleb.org/tv/align.html?c=bbc1+bbc2+bbc3+bbc4+bbc_parliament+bbc1_scotland+bbc1_wales+bbc1_n_ireland&day=0
> > for an example of the effect I think we need.
> That looks good to me. Does that look good to other people? That also
> seems, dare I say it, like an easy fix.

The only difficulties are making it behave well if the CSS isn't
loaded for some reason; and incorporating something along the window
edges that you position "on top" of the labels when the window is in
the top/left position.

> [...] Honesty is what we've got over the commercial vendors.

I'm a commercial vendor (but I have enough people buying in January to
keep me busy), so I both thank you for the praise and wonder if that
was a veiled insult against someone from koha.org/support/pay.html ... ;-)

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