[Koha] beginners question

MJ Ray mjr at phonecoop.coop
Sat Sep 29 22:18:34 NZST 2007

rossblog <rossmcgovern at yahoo.co.uk> wrote: [...]
> In your opinion what is the simplest way for a novice to go about setting up
> everything that Koha can do for this library?

Simplest is to buy a full installation service.  That's not the
cheapest, though.

> If I'm starting off with only a bare PC running either Windows or Linux, can
> you tell me which are the cheapest, easiest programs to download and
> install?

The cheapest, easiest approach is to start with debian Linux stable
and follow its installation manual, then follow the koha-debian
installation manual on www.kohadocs.org.

> And secondly, would I greatly hinder things by running the Win32 version?

I don't know about others, but I ignore most support requests for the
Win32 version because I don't know it.  Also, Win32 appears to be at
koha 2.2.8, whereas Linux is 2.2.9 and should soon be 2.2.10.

Hope that helps,
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