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Marty Jongepier bluejaydesign at sympatico.ca
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Hi Ross,

If you want a cheap LEGAL setup, forget Windows.
I did not know anything about Linux and currently have 2 systems running.
I ordered CD's for the initial setup (look on ebay, for a few bucks you can
have more Os's than you'll ever need).
I found it easier to use CD's. I used Debian because they are rather
conservative, which means very stable and not too often needed to upgrade. 
Installing packages is very easy with deb
And very easy to upgrade. But it's up to you. There are many good

This group has been a great help, and the internet for more general

As for your questions about perl, mysql and apache:
You do not really need to know a lot about them. Knowledge about mysql is
handy, but not necessary.
I still know Nothing about perl. And it doesn't seem to affect anything in
The only thing I know about Apache is what I read in the instructions for
installing Koha. And wonder of wonders, it runs.

Hope this helps a bit.


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Please forgive me if this question is often repeated; I have not found
anything that answers the specific questions I have. I am trying to get a
small charity's library catalogued and online as simply as possible. I have
a (relatively) relaxed time in which to do this, so I can probably learn
some stuff as I go along. What concerns me is to make sure I can get hold of
what I need either cheaply or for free, and learn only what I must.

In your opinion what is the simplest way for a novice to go about setting up
everything that Koha can do for this library? The FAQ tells me I need
Apache, Perl and some extra modules, but others have pointed me to MySQL.
I'm a bit lost. I would like to learn these tools but I don't want to waste
time. My really big question is:

If I'm starting off with only a bare PC running either Windows or Linux, can
you tell me which are the cheapest, easiest programs to download and
install? I will just go with any advice here. And secondly, would I greatly
hinder things by running the Win32 version?

Again sorry for the simplicity of the question, no doubt I'll have far more
complex issues soon enough! V grateful for any help.


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