[Koha] MARC Export and adding data to marc tables

Anthony Manzo manzo at salk.edu
Tue Sep 18 10:17:23 NZST 2007

I have been trying a variety of techniques to swap data from a  
library specific field (we are using 900 to store legacy data) to the  
Koha items field (952).
Specifically moving data from 900 sub 6 to 952 p (barcode, we are  
using a custom number in place of barcode)

My problems are:

1.  The MARC export is producing a file that has incorrect Leader  
data.  I have verified this through two utilities which I have used  
before successfully with other marc files - Marcedit ( a free win32  
app) and File_MARC (pear extension).

2.  My next attempt was to try to directly edit the data in the Koha  
database.  I was able to update items.barcode =  
marc_subfield_table.subfieldvalue with plain old sql.  However it  
seems this data is only part of the story and I need to also update  
the marc_subfield_table(900 sub 6 to 952 p OR items.barcode to 952  
p).  I could not figure out which fields need which data to do this  
step and if this (marc_subfield_table) was the only other table that  
I needed to update.

So to reiterate.

  Is there a known problem w/marc export?


Can someone help me w/the sql to create the necessary entries from  
items.barcode to the other marc related tables so that this data is  
visible throughout Koha.

Many thanks,


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