[Koha] 2.2.8 - Z3950 returning only one incorrect result

Henri-Damien LAURENT laurenthdl at alinto.com
Thu Mar 29 01:06:27 NZST 2007

Jason Ronallo a écrit :
> On 3/28/07, Mike Dalgity <dalgity at htl.net> wrote:
>> Hi Chris, I agree I can't see any reason why I'm getting these "/"'s
>> excpet
>> possibly a different perl module version or one with a bug maybe?
> I looked into this z3950 problem recently as well. If you look at
> older versions of this in cvs (which for some reason I can't see
> rel_2_2 right now), you'll see that part of the code seemed to check
> for this slash. Something like this:
> if ($isbn ne "/" || $issn ne "/") {
>               $attr='1=7';
>               $term=$isbn if ($isbn ne "/");
>               $term=$issn if ($issn ne "/");
> } elsif
> I tried putting this kind of check back into search.pl but it still
> didn't work.
> Where this slash comes from and why the check was taken out I don't
> know. If I remember correctly, and I wish I could see rel_2_2 in cvs
> right now to confirm, hdl made some of the changes removing the check
> for "/".
> Hope this gives someone a lead.
I did.
And I also changed the template that added / to search terms.

The fact is that on my box, it works. And I thought that it would work
too for anyone.
But I use default intranet templates.
And I didnot touch the npl templates. So if you use them, you  may have
a better opinion of z3950 koha search when trying default template search.
If it is a problem of templates, I will correct them.

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