[Koha] bulkmarcimport and unicode data

Steven F.Baljkas baljkas at mts.net
Wed Mar 21 10:37:55 NZST 2007

Tuesday, March 20, 2007     17:35 CDT


Wasn't there something in the past few months about an incompatibility in bulkmarcimport.pl with certain (?) parts of unicode?

Would it be possible for you to do a global search and replace for those 3 problem characters (with whatever tools you have on hand) and recode them into MARC8? That might be a work-around for now.

Just a thought.

When you find your solution, do let the list know.

Steven F. Baljkas
library tech at large
Koha neophyte
Winnipeg, MB, Canada

From: "R Hariram Aatreya" <rhariram at gmail.com>
Date: 2007/03/20 Tue AM 08:09:44 CDT
To: koha <koha at lists.katipo.co.nz>, 
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Subject: [Koha] bulkmarcimport and unicode data

hi All,

I am trying to import MARC data (in unicode Tamil)
into koha using bulkmarcimport.pl

However, bulkmarcimport.pl  does not like 3 characters
(U+0B88, U+0B89, U+0BC8).
Whenever these 3 characters are encountered, the rest
of the string (subfield value) is gobbled and
is missing from the database.

But, bulkmarcimport.pl imports correctly
if these 3 characters do not occur in
the MARC data to be imported.

Any idea whats going on ?

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