[Koha] News of koha 3.0 and poll [important]

BWS Johnson mhelman at illinoisalumni.org
Thu Mar 22 02:42:40 NZST 2007


>2- Damn! Bad news. But good, we're working with 2.2 well enough and
>we can wait 3 months more. But not more than 3 months, even so.

"Barely contained impatience" has it, I'm afraid :) In reality, my
answer is probably between 2 and 3. I must refer to the doctrine of "I
ain't payin', so I ain't expectin' much." I must also restate "Vive La
France!" It wouldn't be right to demand more of you all. 
Simultaneously, you've spoilt me rotten over the last few years, so my
expectations are very high for upgrade times. I covet the LibLime demo
and the Athensville catalogue; they're very smooth and pretty and the
catalogue seems to address a bit of the 650 problem rather nicely. 
While I don't want to press for a premature release, particularly if
that meant that bugs went unaddressed I would really, really like to see
3.0 or something very close to it hit the streets. There is a LOT of
excitement about Koha right now, and I think we'd be better able to
capitalise on it should we have a precise release date. I've also been
holding back on writing documentation in anticipation of the next
product. The installer stuff sounds great. Would that we could have an
Ubuntu package. (Yes, I know why we don't. It doesn't stop me from
wanting that. Click, click, done. The Library ILS market would move to
OS overnight >:)

Brooke @ Hinsdale MA 
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