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Stephen Hedges st.hedges at gmail.com
Tue Mar 20 07:51:46 NZST 2007

Wesley, you might want to look at the "Migration Notes" on the Koha
wiki (http://wiki.koha.org/doku.php), also look at kohadocs.org.
You'll find that there is no easy way to migrate patron data because
there is no standard way to store patron data; every proprietary
system does it a little differently. That's one big difference between
Koha and a commercial ILS. If you buy a new commercial ILS, the vendor
handles the nasty migration work. With Koha, you either do it yourself
or contract with someone like LibLime to help.

Stephen H.

On 3/19/07, Wesley Hague <wesleyhague at hotmail.com> wrote:
> Okay I'm a student of a small College and I'm being hired as a side job to
> see just how pratical Koha is for their Library. After some experimentation
> this has left me with several questions at how to do certain tasks. My
> skills with some stuff are decent but this is still a massive learning curve
> for me. I've set up Koha on a Windows XP Machine
> 1. Deleting records? I've got hundred or so records at the moment which were
> created for testing purpose and have no actual book behind them. Is there
> anyway and deleting the entire database and starting fresh without having to
> delete every single record, one by one.
> 2. Bulk import of users. The Old Library software has alot of users on it.
> While I have found that the book records can be transfer with MARC fairly
> easily with little to no problem. Is their any way to transfer Patrons over.
> 3. Creating Patrons, when I creating patrons to test out. Koha forces me to
> set the patron as Either a Child or an Institution, which alters the user
> information I have already enter. Can it be set or change so these do not
> have to be set?
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