[Koha] how to add a new copy of a field when creating a biblio

Chris Cormack chris at katipo.co.nz
Fri Mar 9 12:59:39 NZDT 2007

Auburn Public Library wrote:
> Hi,
Hi Kim

> Can anyone tell me how to add a second copy of a field when creating a 
> new biblio?  For example,  when you want to enter both the 10 and 13 
> digit versions of the ISBN, you need to duplicate the 020 field.  Or 
> when you want to add additional subject headings, you need to duplicate 
> the 650 field with all its subfields.  How can you do that in koha?
In the MARC editor, if your framework has repeatable set for a tag, then 
there should be a little + symbol which you can click on which will 
duplicate that.

> Also,  I don't use most of the item fields on a regular basis, and would 
> like to hide them to make creating items easier.  I tried setting the 
> 'hidden' attribute on those fields to 7 and 8, but that didn't work.  
> Any ideas?
What version of Koha are you running?


> Thanks,
> Kim
> Auburn Public Library
> auburnpl at iowatelecom.net
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