[Koha] Character set testing

Mike Dalgity dalgity at htl.net
Thu Jun 28 13:07:24 NZST 2007

I've just converted my Koha install to use UTF-8.  With so many pieces of
the puzzle needing to be properly configured (MySQL, Apache, Koha, web
browser, etc) I'd like a way to test that things are working properly.  I
could use some suggestions for some basic tests.

I currently don't have any records requiring UTF-8.  Can someone send me a
test marc21 file I could try importing with bulkmarcimport (which I haven't
used yet) and make sure it displays properly.  Pretty much all my records
come from Z3950 searches so I should probably check that too.  Can someone
point me to a Z3950 Server and record that also has a web interface so I can
compare the records imported?

Mike D.

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