[Koha] running Koha on a dedicated computer?

H Lee hl_yg01 at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 20 17:42:28 NZDT 2007


Thanks, everyone, for all of the helpful suggestions. I think I now have enough of the proper 'keywords' and jargon hints to allow me to do the further hunting I need.

I apologize if my original email had insufficient information or clarity. The PC I refer to is indeed operating as both client and server. It is using the Mepis version of Debian running the KDE interface. The PC is used mainly by patrons in a limited 'self-serve' mode but is occasionally used by Library staff to perform other staff-type functions. 

We need the internet connection in order to access the Z39.50 servers that are configured in Koha. I had set up the Guarddog firewall to only allow ports 210 and 7090 access to the internet. This seemed to have successfully blocked out normal web surfing but allowed Koha to  talk to the Z39.50 servers. 

Again, thanks for the great ideas; this will keep me busy for a while!

Kind regards,

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