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J Rancharan jrancharan at gmail.com
Wed Feb 21 11:26:42 NZDT 2007

Hi colleagues,

Converting to the MARC21 structure so far has been a near impossible task
for our library. MARC seems to be so confusing, and I was wondering if there
are any MARC experts out here willing to provide me with some answers.

1. In our old cataloguing structure, when we catalogued encyclopedias, for
example, we would classify them as COLLECTIVE. These were the fields used:

021: Volume Number
023: Personal Author
024: Corporate Author
025: Title
027: Total Number of Volumes

I have visited many libraries' websites using Koha, and have noticed some
differing fields being used for encyclopedias. Does the title of an
encyclopedia go under the normal 245 field, and so on? I also noticed some
libraries using field 300, subfield a (Extent), to record how many volumes
are in that particular set, while other libraries used the field 520,
subfield a (SUMMARY) to record their volume amount.

2. What fields do periodicals use in Koha when you catalogue them? In our
old format, we classified them as SERIALS, with different fields as well.

3. Are the control fields needed when I catalogue a book?

We will eventually receive training for MARC, but that won't be until next
year or so.

Here's hoping that someone provides me with some answers.

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