[Koha] Own Currency Symbol instead of $ in Koha

Al Calame albert.p.calame at sympatico.ca
Sun Feb 18 11:00:12 NZDT 2007

    Actually, a number of years ago, in the North American community, we 
decided to display currency using the ISO currency codes. (You can find 
them on the Library of Congress web page in the area that has details of 
MARC 21 formats, Geographic codes, etc.  It was precisely because there 
are only a few currencies that have a symbol that can be displayed.  
Hence, usd for United States dollar, cad for Canadian dollar, gbp for 
Great Britain pound, etc. If you are indicating a price, for example one 
of the standard locations is 852$9 and there just enter the decimal 
amount followed by the ISO code for your own currency. Calculations with 
that information might be a little tricky, but the programmers should be 
able to come up with a solution for that.


    Albert P. Calame

cyberarian wrote:

> Dear All
> Can I use my own currency sign in Koha instead of $?  I would like to 
> show RS. or IRS instead of $.  How can I?
> Cyberarian
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