[Koha] Thumnail images in catalog search results? (Was: details automatically from the internet)

Joshua Ferraro joshua.ferraro at liblime.com
Mon Dec 31 04:11:39 NZDT 2007

On 12/28/07, Fred.King at medstar.net <Fred.King at medstar.net> wrote:
> This question finally prompted me to post my own comments and questions to
> the list. I've been experimenting with Koha for the past couple of
> months--I've set up Koha for Windows on a couple of computers, and I have
> the Ubuntu VM version on a couple of PCs to play around with as well. Our
> library (8000 or so books, plus a few thousand bound journals) is
> considering changing ILSs, and I've been looking into both Koha and
> Evergreen.
> However, that doesn't have a lot to do with my current question: is there a
> way to link a locally-stored thumbnail image to a record so that it displays
> in a catalog search? I'm thinking of putting a photo archive into Koha as a
> way to teach myself how to use it. (If we do switch ILSs at work, I'm going
> to know a lot more about structures, etc., than I do know, and the best way
> I learn is by wading in doing it.) I know it's possible to include a link to
> a URL in the 856 tag, but that's not quite what I want. I'm looking for
> something a bit more like the Gallery View of the photo collections in the
> Library of Congress' American Memory project (see
> http://memory.loc.gov/ammem/award97/ndfahtml/ngphome.html
> for an example).
It's not hard to do, but will require some customization of the
template ... and you'll
have to have a web space to store the images and name them by ISBN or some other
identifier (like biblionumber).

There's been talk of fully-integrating a image upload feature into
Koha, but I'm not sure
if anyone's working actively on it.

Hope that helps.


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