[Koha] Info request from a KOHA novice user re budget setting and handling of reserve collections in academic libraries

selma aslan selma at etu.edu.tr
Tue Dec 25 04:12:19 NZDT 2007

Dear All


We are currently using a local ILS called BLISS at TOBB ETU  Library and
consider moving to Koha. I have downloaded 2.2.8 to give it a try. However,
I must confess I got stuck at a quite early stage, and would appreciate help
on the following  points:


1.	System Admin | System preferences | Book Fund Admin

After creating funds, I failed in allocating a budget for each fund. The
amount I put without any signs, as suggested in the user guide, for the
period set was ignored by the system. Unfortunately the system does not give
any prompt concerning the failure or any guidance  why the input is not
accepted, and what should be done.  An attempt to continue without budget
allocation was not possible either, because Acquisitions warns that budget
must  be defined and sends me back to Book Fund Admin page. Why the figure I
put as budget is refused?


2.	Koha Admin | System parameters | Issuing rules | Fines

Following a loan period of 21 day to charge 0.50 TRY per day, I put
0.50,21,1, but the system changes it to 0.500000,2


Please note that for trial I set up the system on Windows, and as currencies
I put the following:


EUR 1.80000

TRY 1.00000

USD 1.18000


In our case TRY (New Turkish Lira ) is the main currency.


3.	As an academic library  circulation of Print Reserve Collection  is
very important for us. We lend textbooks from Reserve Collection for 3 hours
or 24 hours depending on demand and number of copies. Our current system
allows us making a choice between two loan periods for the same item, and
the loan period is by hours, not  days. With Koha I am not sure how we could
handle circulation of Print Reserve Collection, and would welcome any
solution or clarification. 


Belated Season's greetings and best wishes for 2008 to all.


Thanks and kind regards


Selma Aslan

Library Director

TOBB University of Economics and Technology 

Sogutozu Caddesi No.43 06560 Ankara, Turkey

Tel.+90 312 2924030


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